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Labelled Multi-Service Chilled Beam

FTF Group produces parametric BIM models by use of REVIT for their wide range of chilled beams, from the standard CICB's (Ceiling Integrated Chilled Beams) units to bespoke project specific MSCB's (Multi Service Chilled Beams) units, which have a variety of options to suit any project specific requirements.

To download our standard Chilled Beam BIM models please visit If you require bespoke models, please contact

Multiservice Chilled Beam Example

To keep FTF Group's Chilled Beams at the forefront of space conditioning technology, FTF Group employs the use of a wide variety of in-house design software. These range from 2D and 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and lighting calculation design programs (DIALux and Relux) to allow all aspects of the use of chilled beams to be developed and refined to the highest levels. Using CAD software allows FTF Group's chilled beams to be sized and configured on a project by project basis and enables photorealistic architectural 3D images to be rendered.