Climatic Testing

In-House Technical Capabilities

The FTF Group have 3 number state-of-the-art Climatic Testing Laboratories at one of its subsidiary companies predominantly situated at the prestigious Pride Park. Each Laboratory has internal dimensions of 20.7 x 18.7 x 10.8ft high and includes a thermal wall so that both core and perimeter zones can be modeled. The test facilities are fixed in overall size and construction, therefore, simulation of a buildings specific thermal mass cannot be completed, it should however, be noted that a specific project can be simulated more accurately by recessing the floor and reducing the height as necessary.

Project Specific Testing

Project-specific mock-up testing is a valuable tool which allows the Client to fully asses the proposed system and determine the resulting indoor quality and comfort conditions; the physical modeling is achieved by installing a full-scale representation of a building zone complete with internal & external heat gains (Lighting, Small Power, Occupancy & Solar Gains). The installed mock-up enables the client to verify the following:

  • Product performance under project specific conditions
  • Spatial air temperature distribution
  • Spatial air velocities
  • Experience thermal comfort
  • Project specific aesthetics
  • Experience lighting levels (where relevant)
  • Investigate the specific design and allow the system to be enhanced

The project-specific installation and test is normally conducted to verify:

  • Product capacity under design conditions
  • Comfort levels - air temperature distribution
  • Comfort levels - thermal stratification
  • Comfort levels - draft risk
  • Comfort levels - radiant temperature analysis
  • Smoke test video illustrating air movement

FTF Group also employ the use of cutting-edge thermography technology with FLIR® thermal imaging cameras to help determine the best way to improve project specific installations, as well as to further the development of the FTF Group's spatial conditioning technology.